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  • Ruler of Ruin

    The mysterious force behind the army of mad gnolls that swept over the [[Empire of Nerath]] in IY 895. Tales speak of a demon-possessed gnoll shaman, but no eye-witness reports exist to identify the creature.

  • King Elimys II

    Later, Emperor Elimys I, founder of the [[Empire of Nerath]] and architect of the [[Gleaners Treaty|Gleaner's Treaty]]. First Emperor of Nerath.

  • Emperor Amadyr IV

    Called The Builder. Ascended the Imperial Throne in 1Y 641, and reigned until his death in IY 677. Designed and began construction of the [[Eastern Line]] and [[Western Line]].

  • Emperor Elidyr I

    Ascended the Imperial Throne in IY 883, and still ruling the [[Empire of Nerath]] when the [[Phoenix Covenant]] sealed the village of [[Covenant]] behind the [[Phoenix Gate]] in IY 897.

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